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Author Bio (short)
Ileandra Young is a keen writer of fantasy and general fiction. After spending several years working on a variety of projects, she has made the decision to self publish and expects her debut novel, Silk Over Razor Blades, to release in Autumn 2014.

Author Bio (mid length)
Ileandra Young worked in finance for seven years before realising that her heart lay with fiction. Giving up the day job to look after her two young sons, she then used her free time (otherwise known as the middle of the night) to write fantasy and general fiction.

After spending several years working on a variety of projects, she has made the decision to self publish and expects her debut novel, Silk Over Razor Blades to release in Autumn 2014.

Author Bio (full)
Ileandra Young lives in Leicester (UK) with her partner, twin sons and several kilos of polyhedral dice. Having given up a secure, but unsatisfying job in finance, she tried her hand at several freelance roles before settling on writing fiction.

Under this pen name, Ileandra writes fantasy, horror, comedy and general fiction as well as running a blog which she shares with her ‘other half.’ She also contributes regularly to the blogs of the Phoenix Writers and the Phoenix Writers Subs Club.

After spending several years working in solitude and silence, Ileandra has created her own publishing label, Little Vamp Press, and taken on the unforgiving task of self publishing her works. Her debut novel, Silk Over Razor Blades, first in the Saar’s Legacy trilogy is due for release in Autumn 2014.

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Contact Info
Blog Archive:
Twitter: @ileandraXraven
Author Q&A
~What do you write?
Fantasy. Horror. Comedy. General fiction. Pretty much anything that Raven isn’t interested in, to be honest.

~Wait, who’s Raven?
My other half … the other half of my brain.

~You’re going to have to explain that one.
Well, Ileandra Young is a pen name. Raven ShadowHawk (my other half) is actually my other pen name. She writes erotica.

~So there’s two of you…?
No… we share a brain, but there’s only one of us really. Promise. If you need me to break it down a bit more you’d better take a look at our blog

~Right. So you’re just one half of a whole?

~And you’re the half that writes fantasy?
Yes. Urban fantasy, high fantasy, epic fantasy. Basically anything where I get to make stuff up (more than usual) is what I enjoy most. I dabble in horror and comedy, but my heart is in fantasy.

~Sounds interesting. What are you working on right now?
An urban fantasy with historical undertones. Silk Over Razor Blades, first in a trilogy tentatively called Saar’s Legacy.

~Tell us a bit more.
Right. Silk Over Razor Blades follows Ileandra Young, a woman in her late twenties due to be married within the week. Her plans are scuppered somewhat when she becomes the victim of a vampire attack and turns. She tries to go on with her normal life – and get to her wedding – but it quickly becomes plain that 1) being a vampire has peculiar side effects like visions of Ptolemaic Egypt springing up at odd moments and 2) she is no longer in love with her fiancée. Instead, she rather likes the police sergeant who came to take her statement after the attack.
Things come to a head when she realises that her visions are not figments of her imagination and that the man she sees, a soldier by the name of Saar, had significant influence on the actions of Antony and Cleopatra in the last battles of Egypt around 30BC.

~Sounds interesting.
I hope so.

~Did you always intend to write a historical novel?
Not at all. It happened by accident. I just wanted to put a new spin on the vampire myth and have them originate from a time/place I hadn’t seen before. I’ve always liked Egypt, so one thing just lead to another.

~And did you always mean to give the primary character your name?
No. In fact I’m still dithering over that. I have a discussion planned on my blog where I’ll talk about that a bit more. It’s not unknown, but it is unusual.

~What about the rest of the trilogy?
The second and third books (Walking The Razor’s Edge and On A Knife Point) follow Ileandra as she becomes more involved with the vampire community and their relations with humans. Saar’s actions in 30BC have a lasting knock on effect that reach through the years to the modern day and need to be dealt with.

~Very exciting. Do you have release dates for those?
Tentative (very tentative) release dates are Spring 2015 and Autumn 2014 for the last two books.

~And after the trilogy?
I’ll be switching gears completely. Epic high fantasy, in a land completely of my own devising, with a few home-brewed races thrown in. I’m looking forward to that a lot.