Press kit pic, Ileandra Young

I’m Ileandra Young. Welcome to my corner of the internet and thanks for coming to visit.

I’m a novelist who dabbles in the pools of fantasy, horror and comedy. Mostly fantasy. Though anything with blood, guts, general gore and vampires keeps me happy. Throw in a couple of elves and some lunatic launching spells and I’m extremely happy.

I started my first novel at 14 years old and though I have written several others in the interim, I expect to (finally) release Silk Over Razor Blades in Autumn 2014. Hand on heart, I promise that future novels won’t take anywhere near as long to complete.

This site is but one of my online homes and I invite you to take a look around and get comfortable. I have a mailing list, which I demand suggest you join if you like getting updates on new releases and freebies way before anybody else does. If, like some folk out there, you’re interested in what I do day by day, then I share a blog with my other half. You might want to check that out too.